Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Love!!!

True love may be the least random act of all.  Love is something we choose to give and choose to receive.  A mystery entered into, true love is a dialogue between persons made manifest in fidelity; each sharing his or her self in freedom while reinforcing self-determination in the other. 

For God, the act of loving goes part and parcel with whom God is.  Made of love in its purest form, the being of God like no other being, exhibits a passion and commitment to the freedom and happiness of his beloved.

In the first reading from Isaiah our Lord is depicted as a Mother.  As anyone who is or has a mother understands, a Mother does not, would not, cannot forget her baby.  She/God is, as St. Paul says, trustworthy.  So trustworthy, or reliable, is this God that She, as Jesus’ insists, can be depended on to feed and clothe the birds of the air, the lilies of the field, and even human beings. Providing as needed, food, shelter, and good health, all these that we cannot live without are worries for God alone. 

Before instructing his disciples not to worry about what they will eat, drink or wear, Jesus cautions them against serving both God and mammon. Made for one master, disciples cannot remain consumed by themselves if devoted to the kingdom. Between the other and thyself, disciples are forced to choose.

Fully aware of our limitations, our inability to serve two masters, God, demands our undivided attention. Passionately in love, God requires our exclusive devotion. 

Desiring to share all of Gods very self with us, a free and intentional Christ, through a death and resurrection promises to remove all that stands between us and the love of God.   
A grace to render hearts exclusively and to serve, God’s love takes away the fears, the insecurities, and the worries – the obstacle course, so to speak, between us and Him.

With God and in Love there is no room to be distracted, manipulated or controlled. Ever feeding, clothing, and liberating Her beloved, God is committed to our happiness and well-being.  As a Mother to her baby, may She never forget our needs. And may Christ continue to set us free to love and serve God and one another.