Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good News!

Myself with a recent member of the communion of saints.  This is just to prove that I do indeed work.
On that topic, I gained insight from Bishop Fred Henry's Sunday night talk at the James Joyce Pub, Calgary (Theology on Tap).  A holistic Christian Spirituality involves all three of the following: study, prayer, and action.  He did not exactly say such, but I am saying such.  Athol Murray's motto was "God, Canada, and Hockey, and not necessarily in that order".  I say, "Study, Pray, Do, (the Word of God) and not necessarily in the that order".  To be stuck on any one, is to avoid all three.  Peace Out!

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  1. I can say your blog is further proof of the saying " God works in mysterious ways." which by coincidence is probably what Pere's bishop thought if in fact he didn,t say it!


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