Monday, March 23, 2009

Fort Saskatchewan Mural

Brother Boniface OFM (early 20th Century)
This is a sketch of a mural in the works in Fort Saskatchewan. The short Friar is the late Boniface Hiedmeyer OFM, and the tall guy is supposed to be me.
Me in Fort Sask. promoting our Centennial Gala (June 2008). Feel free to laugh.


  1. How is a friar different than a monk? I used to know but I forgot.
    Also, are you any good with wolves?

  2. Funny! The difference between friars and monks = intinerancy vs. stability. Monks take a vow of stability and live in a monastery, and have minimal contact with the world. We live as communities but work in and engage the world. We also prescribe to the philosohy of detachment, which means we should not be too comfortable in one place; always ready to shake the dust off our feet and move on. At roots, the Franciscans were a bit of a reaction to twelfth century monastic wealth. Francis desired to live without property, and travel about preaching the gospel.

  3. That cross on Br. Boniface is ginormous! I think it may even be bigger than any hanging on my walls. :o) PS. Thanks you for your help with synthesis/comps, I am finishing up the synthesis now (editing), yay.


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