Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Blog

Okay! Without yet knowing exactly how this works, I have created a blog. As I understand all are welcome in this space. Let me know what you think of my soapbox expressions, and feel free to offer me advice. I am the youngest member of the province of Christ the King in the Order of Friars Minor -OFM. My feet are barely wet in ministry, but so far I love being a Franciscan. I will write more on that, and myself later. Right now I need to figure out how this blog works. Did I set it up write? Is the name cheesy, or does it suit my personality?

Pax et Bonum!


  1. This Blog is Freaking Unbelievable! An action packed thrill ride filled with feelings of excitement and danger right to the very finish! I will definitely be writing on this blog every single day!

  2. You mustn't make me laugh so hard, it hazardus for my health.

  3. Brent may have overemphasized your blog, but it really is quite good. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Pierre,

    Nice to see you here. You have inspired me to re-blog. I am on -

    Meanwhile, I will comment on your blogs and until we meet next!

    Stat Crux Dum !


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